Astronomy being often quite complex, EightyEight offer a rich and accessible content about constellations, with a simple and effective design.

Lead designer


Nowadays, astronomy websites are pretty handless, not really attractive with a high scientist level so a bit complex to use and understand. We can both hightlight a lack of visibility and modernity in technologies used. 

The aim was to popularize astronomy codes to create an informative tool and fun to use, while maintaining scientific accuracy.



The sky is composed of eighty eight constellations
visible in any direction. As our logo.



The concept

To provide a personalized experience, the website relies on two flows : time and space. Two parameters defined by the user, common to all pages, generate a personalized content.

Explore & browse



Geolocation is required to have a personalized content. During his first connection, we explain him why and display the geolocaiton browser button . Some animation were essential here to get some attention.

Additionnal credits

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