Always looking for innovative and new projects, I’m available for freelance work.

Well, I’m a twenty-four years old boy living in south of France. Passionate about sports and travels, I had the chance to visit a lot of countries all around Europe. Be inspired about new cultures is a chance and I hope I’ll discover more as soon as possible.

I learned multimedia during my firsts two studying years in Arles. I began getting excited about creating, get ideas and the creative part of it. With a friend’s help I started teaching myself in ui and ux design.

I began freelancing in 2012 and continue at the same time studying art direction in Lyon at the Lumiere University. Three years later I was gratuated with a master's degree in art direction & communication. 

I learned HTML, CSS, JS too (I’ve code this Semplice website) but I don’t provide this kind of service. The good point is that I know some awesome people much better than me and who I am used to work with and they would be glad to help if needed!

I am now available as freelancer or partner, constantly looking for new challenges. Feel free to send me an email, regarding any particular context.

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